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Last night's Anti-Thanksgiving dinner party was a success. I, however, drank too much. I blame neuroticjones and his obnoxiously large bottle of gin. The two of us stumbled home from The Canterbury some time around 1. He played Space Colony as I tried to keep myself in close proximity to the toilet. Just in case. Luckily, it was never utilized although I somewhat remember wishing it had been.


Someone I used to sleep with gave birth to a baby girl last week. I will have more to say about this when I am less hungover.
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My brother is online. I just found out that one of our closest childhood friends, the first boy I ever came out to, has an inoperable brain tumor. Weird. I was just scanning a bunch of old negatives from a photoshoot that Jaimie and I did of him during the Braaap Era.

Fucked Up.

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Having a major bout of insomnia and there isn't anyone in town that I know would be awake right now. One thing I miss about home is that someone was always up no matter what time of night it was. Here it is just me and the cats.

Last night I dreamt that my best friend (Becky) gave birth to 27 birds. We were very sad because federal law mandated that she could only raise them for two years and then must set them free. I accidently (?) had bird shit in my mouth. We were all very thrilled about the birth. It only briefly occurred to me that it was a little strange that the birds would be birthed instead of hatched from eggs.

What on earth could that mean?

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Because the rats were so small when I first got them two weeks ago, and because they are my first rats, I assumed they were male. As time has gone on I have realized this is not the case. The more I read about rats and rat behavior online, the more I began to suspect they were female. Tonight, while playing with the two of them, I noticed that Simon started to vigoursly shake his head/ears every so often. I hadn't read about that yet so I logged on to check it out. I laughed a bit until I realized that Indy gaining so much weight in the past couple of days might not be so funny after all. I have only had them for a couple of weeks so she could very well have become pregnant before I took them in. That would not be amusing at all.

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Things are looking even worse for the family friend that was recently diagnosed with cancer. My parents have had him and his wife over for dinner and support every night since they learned the news. My parents sound as though they feel pretty helpless when I speak to them on the phone. I feel really awful for my dad. He is pretty torn up over it.

My brother is already back in Valdez. It took him and Henry only a couple of days to drive from Washington to Valdez. I guess they really wanted to get home.

There is no class this week. My teacher had a death in the family so in addition to next week off, we have this week off as well. This could be a good thing except I feel pretty bored and like a total slacker all of this week. It is pretty much impossible to get me out of the house before noon.

The rats and I are very bonded at this point. Indy slept on my shoulder last night while I read a book and then watched TV. Meanwhile, Simon played hide-and-go-seek with me and a stack of pillows. Bringing rats into my home is one of the best choices I have ever made. These guys are awesome.

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Homo-coming 2004: Oh, What a Feelin'

A Benefit for Bent Writing Institute                                                                                          

The First Annual Homo-coming Dance & Football Game

Saturday, November 20th, 2004
Football game: 12:00 p.m.-1:45 p.m. (rain or shine)
Homocoming dance: 8:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.

Football game: Miller Playfield/ 400 19th Ave E (at E. Thomas)
Dance: LGBT Community Center/ 1115 E Pike St.

Football game: Free
Dance: $10 (all ages)

The Bent writing institute presents Homo-coming 2004: Oh, What a Feelin’. Kick off this tried and true tradition with a good ol’ down and dirty football game. Join us at Miller Field for the ultimate showdown of Jocks vs. Poets.  Bent students will be competing against the boys of the Emerald City Softball Association.  Bring some extra cash to bribe the referee for a few points in your team’s favor or to get your favorite football hottie to play a down in their underpants.  Half time show will include new &original cheers by the Sneerleaders and band music by Seattle’s famous Infernal Noise Brigade.

Later that evening, take your ball gowns out of the basement, dust off your tuxedos,   and celebrate Homecoming the way you never have before! It is time for the queers to  show’em how it’s done.    Give this tired old tradition some sass and flash on November 20th, 2004 at the LGBT Community Center.  In a teal and silver haze of 80’s décor, we will dance the night into frenzy with live DJs and wine bar. 

Come cast your vote for Seattle’s First Homo-coming Royalty and take a Homocoming Portrait that will transport you back to the memory of crepe paper and high school gyms. Don’t forget your corsage!

All proceeds will benefit Bent Writing Institute, a Seattle non-profit organization promoting and  
encouraging written and spoken word among LGBTQ people; in our community since 2000.  
For more information, contact: wordyfemme@hotmail.com.

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Another family friend was diagnosed with cancer this week. Doesn't look good. My dad is trying to find a way to fly down with him to Seattle to review treatment options.

I feel bad that I feel excited about seeing my dad.