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stayed up watching movies and drinking cheap beer

a friend of a friend pulled me aside last week for a sloppy intervention. she said, "that girl is toxic," and i said, "you know nothing about me." the girl looked at me with that sad tilted face and said, "you're easy to read, kid." my face grew hot and she said, "i know it isn't my place to say it but i don't think anyone else will: cut the bitch loose." her words were harsh but she used clean cuts to show me what i already knew, what i was already reaching for.

there is something i want to talk to her about but i am trying to find a way out of it. there is a conversation that needs to be had but i don't want it to hamper this process. i have considered going to one of our friends to have this paticular conversation with her for me but i am afraid that will make things much worse. i want her out of my life but i want her happy and healthy at the same time. i don't want to hurt her and i don't want to make her cry and i don't want to have ever known her. to care about what happens to someone while simultaneously wishing they had never entered your life are a couple of hard pieces to reconcile.
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